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Virtual Tools: How To Declutter Your Mind & Surroundings

Guest BlogsCarmen JenkinsComment

I am a clutterer. I hate clutter. It is distracting. But it seems to follow me everywhere I go.  Clutter is delayed decision-making. Clutter is piles of potential projects and schemes.  Clutter is a physical representation of procrastinating undesirable activities.

I got to a point in my life that my clutter was paralyzing me. My house was becoming non-functional as a result: boxes of papers that I needed to "go through and file", but that I never would; dozens of failed organizational systems that, in the moment, I was sure would solve all my problems; half-finished projects; newsletter clippings; magazines that I would recycle as soon as I finished reading them; pictures, notes, recipes, and important legal documents all mushed together. 

I finally had an epiphany that stuck.

I cannot manage the volume of paper in my life.