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Think Before You Speak: What Does That Even Mean?

Guest BlogsNikki Schwartz, LPC4 Comments

When I was growing up, girls didn’t really get diagnosed with ADHD.  Everyone just thought I was talkative and liked to be the center of attention.  Which wasn’t not true.  Later, though, I learned from a brain scan, that talking appeared to be how my brain activated my prefrontal cortex.  In normal people terms, that means talking helped me focus.

Looking back, I think I was the girl who talked a little (or a lot) too much, a little too loudly.

Life as a Medical Resident with ADHD - A Blog by Merel

Guest BlogsMerel3 Comments

Yes, I have ADHD. Writing it down gives me shivers. I've known this for about two years now and I still haven't come to terms with it. Why? Because doctors don't get ill. We keep working when we are physically or mentally sick. Doctors don't go see doctors and certainly not psychiatrists. It is the irony itself. Amongst the people that treat all kinds of illnesses in the rest of the population illness itself is not accepted. Especially when it comes down to psychiatric conditions. You are weak when you admit you have a burn-out or suffer from depression. You are crazy when you tell you have autism or ADHD. It is just not accepted.