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Reading with ADHD

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Reading with ADHD
Reading with ADHD

Reading can be tough for many people with ADHD (like me). I've always struggled with the act of concentrating on a book (despite getting a joint degree in English Literature and Linguistics, and a master's in Linguistics!) so I've had to find some ways to deal with this.

As I've mentioned before, this is why podcasts and audiobooks are fantastic (I love Audible - you can try it out by getting a free book using my affiliate link below).

I've also found that using a Kindle to read (or the Kindle app on my phone) really helps. By making the font super-large (yes, to the "I'm-an-elderly-person-who-has-forgotten-their-reading-glasses" size) I actually read much faster and I can't lose concentration as I've only got a few sentences to deal with on each page.

I'd love to hear from you! Share your tips about reading with ADHD in the comments.