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Guidelines for Submitting a Blog Post

Anyone can submit a blog post (this includes you, smart men with ADHD!) The most important thing is to tell us your personal ADHD story (from your own ADHD, or your experience looking after or working with people who have ADHD). We want open and honest (and entertaining!) submissions that can keep even the most distracted ADHD reader. Before submitting a post, please follow these guidelines:



  1. I cannot pay you for this (I really wish I could!) 

  2. Please submit your blog in a MS Word or Pages file. Include any images in this document, laid out as you would like to see them appear on this site.

  3. Use original content and adhere to copyright. The blog should be original and should not be published on another site (even your own blog). This can affect both of our SEO rankings so it's best to submit something you've written specifically for this blog. If you reference another article or use images from another site, give them credit. Don't use images without the photographer's permission. Only use images that are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under the creative commons public domain
    Tip: It's often safest to use sites like or which allow anyone to use their images for any purpose. 

  4. Break posts up using white space and images.
    Remember, like you, your readers (probably) have ADHD and may be put off by large amounts of text. Think - would I want to read this or would I get distracted? Using images, gifs, and paragraphs is an excellent way to hold the reader's attention.

  5. Textual blog posts should be between 500-1200 words. Your artwork and graphics are also welcome and do not need to meet these requirements! 

  6. You can write about anything you want that is related to ADHD.
    Your personal story would be great but I also love to see lists of tips, facts, and observances about ADHD. Check the site to make sure your proposed topic hasn't been written about before. If you're stuck for a topic email me at and we can work something out! I'm always here to help! 

  7. Good spelling and grammar is important*.
    Please spellcheck and grammar-check your work before submitting it. Obviously, I will proofread your article before posting it but all posts should be easy to read. 
    * NOTE: Don't let this put you off! If you struggle with writing or if English isn't your first language, just give me a heads up by email and of course I'll help out with the proofreading and editing! 

  8. Keep your language clean. My MOTHER could read this! 
    Okay, okay, so if you get so passionate you can't resist an f-bomb, I will "$*&^!@" it right out.
    My reason for this one is that this site is intended for women of all backgrounds, religions, and ages. Language that may be deemed offensive to some people will be retained, just cleaned up a little! Try to keep it to the darn-its, gee-whizzes, and golly goshes. 

  9. Keep in mind that this site is designed as a place for people to share their ADHD stories.
    I won't post advertising materials, articles on the legitimacy of ADHD (it's real - I've got it), or healthcare advice, to name a few. If you're unsure about your topic choice, just email me: and we can discuss it. 

  10. I have the final say on which posts appear on the site.
    If you want your post to be published on here, the most important thing is to be honest, open, and to have personal experience with ADHD. If you want to post more than one, that is absolutely fine! I welcome regular bloggers on here.

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I'm so excited to read your lovely blog posts soon!