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We want to hear YOUR story...

I created this site in the hope that I could create a community of girls and women with ADHD like me. For that reason, I don't just want to write about my ADHD, I want to hear from you too. 

I'm a sociolinguist by day and I believe that storytelling lets us learn about ourselves and make us happier. We know that talking to others helps: this could be in the form of therapy, support groups, or ranting to a friend.

I have come to realise just how important writing about your experiences can be: through blogging, diary-writing, or tweeting (if you want a challenge, try fitting your life into 140 characters!)

This site is intended to be a source of others' ADHD stories and a place in which you can tell your story to the world. 

If you would like to share your story on this site, submit your article using the form below.

For inspiration, check out Merel's great guest blog here.


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